24 April 2015

Boogeyman II: SEC Flash Crash Cover-Up Continues, Again ...

Steve Wunsch, Wunsch Auction Associates LLC

What caused the Flash Crash? Five months after the May 6, 2010, event, regulators said it was Kansas City mutual fund Waddell & Reed. Now they tell us, five years later, it was a London ‘spoofer’ named Navinder Sarao. I still say it was the SEC, which was obvious to me and many others about five hours after it happened. ... rest of story...



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Flash Crash Spoofer: Questions, More Questions and Some Possible Answers

Michael Friedman, Trillium

Could a single trader operating out of his parents’ house really cause a world-wide market disruption? Why did it take five years to bring charges? And are our markets still vulnerable to more events like this? Continue

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