29 October 2014

Swaps Market Participants Adapt as SEFs Race Toward ...

Colby Jenkins, TABB Group

SEF volumes are poised to hit back-to-back all-time highs in October, with USD IRS notional volumes traded on-SEF now outweighing swaps traded off-SEF. And while the increasing scope of contracts covered by MAT determinations are the driving force behind SEF growth, the adoption of new trading protocols for swaps shows the market’s resilience. ... rest of story...


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    Voice Trading Gets New Life

    Despite the meteoric rise of electronic and algorithmic trading, voice trading still has a place in the markets, notes Jack Bloch, head of development trading and dispatch at Unify, who points to smaller trading ...
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    Commission Unbundling – What Does It Mean for the Industry?

    In the push for transparency, regulators are proposing much tougher unbundling rules to make asset managers think harder about how they spend clients’ money. Tim Wildenberg, CEO of Neonet, a specialist ...
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    Accelerating the Push for T+2 in the US

    With Europe currently moving to shorten its settlement cycle to T+2 and Asia already at T+2 or shorter, the pressure for the US to follow suit has been steadily gaining. SIFMA, ICI and DTCC have laid the necessary ...

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Unseen Danger: What Might Go Wrong for CCPs?

Thomas Krantz, Thomas Murray

Enough complexity remains in derivatives products and among counterparties that it might be impossible to predict how every crisis event would unfold. And while central clearing may have thrust risk onto the CCPs, they aren’t the only source of potential damage. Continue

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