09 April 2014

Made-Available-to-Trade Pushes Swaps On, and Off, SEFs ...

Colby Jenkins, TABB Group

Even as SEF volumes have reached record highs in the wake of the Made-Available-to-Trade determinations, evidence suggests some users are ‘fine-tuning’ contracts in order to continue trading Off-SEF. rest of story...


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    LEIs: A Panacea for Market Risk?

    Dodd-Frank mandated the creation of Legal Entity Identifiers, or LEIs, to identify institutions participating in financial transactions, particularly in the swaps and derivatives markets, and help ...
  • Rail_thumb_nosal

    Market Surveillance: Moving Beyond the Alert

    Quick: What happens after you get an alert about a potential problem from your market surveillance system? According to Bill Nosal, head of strategic product management, SMARTS, Nasdaq OMX, firms should ...
  • Rail_thumb_sassan

    Solving the Corporate Bond Liquidity Puzzle

    Regulatory pressure continues to drive down sell-side market making in the corporate bond market, creating a liquidity crisis for the buy side. While a number of players have been working on platforms to help solve ...

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OTC Credit Market Update: A Structural Shift of Liquidity on SEFs?

Sol Steinberg, OTC Partners

The top 6 SEFs accounted for 97 percent of the volume recently, with Bloomberg accounting for 72 percent. Continue

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