04 March 2015

The Consolidated Audit Trail: Stitching Together the US ...

Shagun Bali, Alexander Tabb, TABB Group, TABB Group

The complexity of our market structure and underlying technologies surpasses our current ability to monitor, analyze and reconstruct market events. If the US wants to maintain its predominate position as a global finance center, the SEC and the SROs need the ability to proactively review and analyze events that occur within the markets as whole. ... rest of story...



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When Time Fails: Trading, Tech and Time

Larry Tabb, TABB Group

In an era of electronic market making, prices change so fast that a delay of just 2 milliseconds can mean the difference between executing an order at the appropriate price versus missing the trade. As an industry, to ensure that we are doing the best by our clients and our businesses, firms and ... Continue

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