29 October 2014

8 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Enterprise

Igor Hlivka, MUSI

As transparency demands and data’s value as a strategic asset increase, data management has been given new prominence and weight in the corporate hierarchy. Here are 8 key steps to successfully transforming data management into a competitive differentiator. rest of story...


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    Examining the Impact of Tick Size on Market Quality

    In mandating price tick sizes, regulators must strike a balance between liquidity, transaction costs and price discovery. While narrower tick sizes allow for reduced transaction costs and more exact price ...
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    Voice Trading Gets New Life

    Despite the meteoric rise of electronic and algorithmic trading, voice trading still has a place in the markets, notes Jack Bloch, head of development trading and dispatch at Unify, who points to smaller trading ...
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    Question Big Data, and Walk Before You Run

    Unconventional data continues to gain attention on Wall Street as buy-side firms expand the search for alpha and the sell side seeks a competitive edge via new research content. But few firms make full use of the ...

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