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    Adapting to New Dark Pool Rules

    European regulators are set to finalize rules for regulating dark pools. Rob Boardman, European chief executive of broker ITG, explains to the FT’s Philip Stafford how the market will adapt to the likely ...
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    Market Manipulation: Examining the Full Depth of Book

    With regulatory enforcement on the upswing and market confidence bottoming out, how can chief compliance officers ensure their firms don’t cross the line and add to the negative headlines? Firms that look ...
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    BattleFin - The Making of a Quant: Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive

    The mental fortitude (as opposed to technical ability) it takes to run a successful quantitative investment program took Mark Angil of RBD Adaptive by surprise. He says trading is at least 50% psychological - this ...

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Risk and Compliance Are Transforming the Enterprise

The operation and technology groups in banks are under pressure: operating model pressure, regulatory compliance pressure, and capital pressure. These pressures are pushing banks to radically rethink their operations from how they trade, manage risk, accumulate positions, manage assets and liabilities, deploy capital, control and report information to regulators. To accomplish this organizations need to work across siloed communities. Global business lines need to work differently with risk, finance, and treasury.  The objective is to enable executives and regulators with greater insight into their front-to-back risk, compliance and controls including risk, cost, and balance sheet reporting. No longer can these groups work independently and expect to both stay off the front page and remain solvent. This roundtable discussion will bring together traders, enterprise risk and compliance, and finance and treasury professionals to have a moderated discussion to better understand the challenges of running a global investment bank in the age of oversight, and how the most sophisticated firms are rethinking how they operate. 


Fixed Income 2015 Perfect Storm: Navigating the Confluence

A tempest is brewing in fixed income markets, and the winds of change are tearing at the fabric of market structure. A confluence of catalysts threatens to drastically aggravate the deteriorated liquidity left in the wake of the financial crisis. What solutions are required to carry market participants to safe harbors, and what challenges await them along the journey?

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