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    Execution Transparency: Redefining the Algo

    With the automation of the markets came expectations of greater transparency. But as algorithms split orders into smaller and smaller pieces, it becomes more difficult to trace order flow through the fragmented ...
  • Rail_thumb_viola

    Virtu’s Viola: Market has never been more efficient

    On the day Virtu Financial opens for trading, executive chairman Vincent Viola and CEO Doug Cifu, speaking with CNBC’s Bob Psani, explain Virtu's primary mission and how it makes money (or how it avoids ...
  • Rail_thumb_merrin

    Are Dark Pools the Future of Bond Trading?

    Liquidnet CEO Seth Merrin discusses the confluence of events in the corporate bond market that have set the table for a liquidity crunch and explains how dark pools can help alleviate the problem. He speaks on ...

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Transcending Transparency – The Alpha of Compliance

Intensifying regulatory requirements are forcing financial institutions to streamline legacy and siloed applications, standardize and normalize data more effectively, and ensure the seamless integration and sharing of information across “componentized platforms.” Unfortunately, the majority of financial institutions simply do not have the systems or control mechanisms necessary to enable consistent data flows across myriad processes and workflows. Firms need to share data across a wide range of platforms and functions if they hope to compete in today’s alpha-constrained marketplace. Join TABB Group & Misys for this exclusive webinar as we examine the specific pain points and the new solutions to help drive alpha with existing fragmented IT infrastructure. A panel of specialists will discuss:   Examples of key pain points faced by typical financial institutions struggling with transparency New web-inspired architectures that tackle IT fragmentation dynamics


Equities 2015: A New Vision Forward

The tick-size pilot, regulatory scrutiny of high-frequency strategies, and demands for audit trails and greater transparency are reshaping the equity trading landscape. Even if nothing actually changes, the perception that the market is fair surely is tarnished, setting in motion a regulatory overhaul. But will new rules change the game for better or for worse? Will investors be helped or harmed? Hear from industry experts how new rules will impact market structure, liquidity, cost, transparency, enforcement, and how professionals trade.


Decision Making On the Leading Edge

Today’s challenge for the buy side is not a paucity of data; it is in fact the exact opposite – too much data. As a result, portfolio managers and traders spend too much time looking at data in many places, instead of focusing on what they should be doing: tracking their investments, analyzing trade ideas, and delivering alpha to their customers. How can a modern buy-side institution produce, aggregate and curate the right information to generate superior returns? In this TabbFORUM webinar, we will examine: The data integration challenges modern trading institutions face. The “transparency” drivers and their impacts on trading. The pros & cons of “best in breed” versus “organic” system solutions. How cutting-edge institutions engineer flexibility into their systems. What “leading-edge” decision making can do for your institution.

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