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    STA Thoughts on the Tick Pilot

    It is a fundamental belief of the Security Traders Association that market structure changes should be based on empirical data, according to STA president and CEO Jim Toes, who says the current one-size-fits-all ...
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    Is the 2015 spending bill a gift to big banks?

    Tucked into the new federal spending bill that passed last week was a provision to loosen banking regulations on hedges known as derivatives or swaps, rolling back part of the Dodd-Frank Act that was enacted after ...
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    Small Caps, the Tick Pilot and Capital Formation

    The overall decline in public companies and the increasing challenges firms face in raising financing in the capital markets have spurred regulators to pass the JOBS Act and propose the small-cap tick pilot. But ...

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Press Releases

ISE Gemini Introduces Flat Pricing for Price Improvement Auctions

22 December 2014

ISE Gemini announced the introduction of a new “flat” pricing structure for price improvement mechanism (PIM) auctions as of January 2, 2015, subject to regulatory clearance. With this new model, both PIM auction initiators and responders will pay the same fee of $0.05 per contract. Priority Customers on the originating side of a PIM order will continue to be free. The new structure will create additional transparency and a more level playing field in auction pricing. It also has the potential to deliver a higher level of price improvement to the end customer by increasing competition among auction responders at a fee level substantially lower than competing auction mechanisms.

ESMA publishes initial cost-benefit-analysis on MiFID II proposals

22 December 2014

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) today published a preliminary cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) in respect of regulatory and implementing technical standards it proposes for MiFID II.

Toronto Stock Exchange Sets New Trading Records

22 December 2014

TMX Group today announced that Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) set a new daily volume record on December 19, 2014 with 1,535,887,985 shares traded. This surpassed the previous record of 895,769,152, which was set on December 19, 2008.

Canadian Securities Regulators Articulate Concerns on Routing Retail Equity Orders to U.S. Dealers

19 December 2014

Members of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) today set out their concerns with respect to the practice of routing retail equity orders to U.S. dealers.

Lucena Expands Internationally, Now Supports All Major International Exchanges

19 December 2014

Lucena Research, a leader in investment decision support technology and portfolio optimization solutions, is expanding its universe coverage internationally.

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