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    The Evolution of CCAR Only Adds Stress

    The Federal Reserve’s bank stress test – or Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review process – increasingly is focused on qualitative requirements, such as data governance and ...
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    KYC: The Other Counterparty Risk

    It’s time to redefine “KYC.” In the past, firms’ know-your-counterparty efforts have focused on meeting compliance requirements, resulting in ad hoc solutions to each new ...
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    LEIs: A Panacea for Market Risk?

    Dodd-Frank mandated the creation of Legal Entity Identifiers, or LEIs, to identify institutions participating in financial transactions, particularly in the swaps and derivatives markets, and help ...

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Mastering Risk

21 March 2014

OTC Derivatives Clearing in 2014: Pump Up the Volume

Following the G-20 agreement to improve over-the-counter derivatives transparency and lessen perceived counterparty risk through the magic of central clearing, a number of domestic and regional players plan to establish and operate their own global OTC derivatives clearing operations. This will fragment the global OTC derivatives playing field, pumping up participant volume and putting Latin America, Africa, and Australia on the map for OTC derivatives clearing, at least for now. In order to truly rock the OTC derivatives house, incumbents and new CCPs must grab or retain significant share.

This Impact Note examines the current environment for OTC derivatives clearing across the globe and the changing dynamics related to regulatory change in key regions and markets. It also compares the different CCPs on the market, including current volume for cleared OTC derivatives, risk models, standards requirements, estimated market share, messaging standards used, and key points of connectivity between CCPs and trade repositories.

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