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    Righting the FX Market From Within

    The “race to zero” has been a common trend in the equities markets for many years, but more recently speed-based trading strategies have been infiltrating the spot FX market, one of the biggest markets ...
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    From Disruption to Revolution: The Tipping Point of Online Direct Consumer Lending

    With the rise of peer-to-peer lending, “financial” and “technology” are coming together perhaps for the first time, says Ron Suber, president of Prosper, the peer to peer lending ...
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    Rethinking Fixed Income Markets

    The fixed income markets have to change. With dealers unable – or unwilling – to commit the capital necessary to facilitate the debt market, investors need a new mechanism to trade bonds, explains ...

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Innovations in Trading and Technology

18 January 2013

White Paper: Surveillance of algorithmic trading

So far some of the proposed suggestions for monitoring High Frequency Trading and Algorithmic Trading has concerned us. Scila's Executive Chairman, Mr Lars-Ivar Sellberg, has written a paper on alternative solutions. Solutions that we find much more appealing than the alternatives that we have seen so far.

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