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Equity Trading 2014: Efficiency and Disorder Video Gallery
Alexander Tabb

TABB Group

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Alexander Tabb

carl carrie


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carl carrie

The Bionic Trading Desk

Bloomberg's Carl Carrie

Long Live the Sales Trader
27 June 2014:

Despite the increasing electronification and speed of the equities market, sales traders aren’t going anywhere. But their job is getting harder, acknowledges Carl Carrie, global head of product for Bloomberg SSEOMS/STEP. As the economics of the equities business shift and the technological transformation of trading continues, the sales trader’s role also is transforming, according to Carrie, who says the job is evolving beyond simply taking orders to providing color around trades. Carrie and TABB Group partner and COO Alex Tabb, speaking at TabbFORUM’s equities conference earlier this year, discuss the growing importance of data and analytics in the new buy side/sell side relationship, and the tools that can help strengthen that relationship. 


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Interviewer Alex Tabb   Source: TABB TV   Categories: Equities, Technology
Topics: Data management, Equity trading, Market structure: Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs, Research and analytics, Trade Process Analysis

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