Libra vs. the Other Guys

(Kurt Dew, Northeastern University)

This is the second in a series considering Facebook’s new currency, Libra. Facebook describes Libra here. I will contrast it with recent financial innovations, then with another proposed financial

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Channel LiquidityMatrix

TABB Group’s LiquidityMatrix provides liquidity and pricing information on US Exchanges, ECNs, Dark Pools and Crossing networks. These reports have been a tremendous asset to the industry, as understanding liquidity both on- and off-exchange is becoming more challenging and complex.

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The ABCs of FX

The ABCs of FX

The FX markets, often called the currency markets, have been around for a very long time, far longer than either securities or derivatives have existed. And the FX markets are far bigger than either the securities or derivatives markets, by a factor of four times or more. So we need...

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An FX Primer: TABB Group Research
An FX Primer: TABB Group Research

The foreign exchange markets are more than four times larger...

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