Diversification Benefits of Bitcoin – A Look Back at 2019

(Russell Rhoads, TABB Group)

In early 2019 TABB Group explored how a small, reasonable allocation to bitcoin would impact a traditional investment portfolio consisting of various weightings of stock and bonds (“Diversifying

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Channel LiquidityMatrix

TABB Group’s LiquidityMatrix provides liquidity and pricing information on US Exchanges, ECNs, Dark Pools and Crossing networks. These reports have been a tremendous asset to the industry, as understanding liquidity both on- and off-exchange is becoming more challenging and complex.

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What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency in the 2020s?

What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency in the 2020s?

Recently, I recapped the past decade in crypto. Today, let’s look ahead to the future and what I think will happen in the 2020s. Of course, no one can predict the future with much accuracy, but one way to predict it more accurately is to invent it! In short, I think over...

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Market Structure Weekly with Larry Tabb: ‘Shocking’ Regulatory Proposal, Farewell Commissioner Jackson, Regulators’ Tech Troubles, Brexit Fears, Quant Struggles, the Power of Index Providers, Disappearing Jobs and Bonuses, Speeding Up the SIP, Closing Competition, EU Market Structure, IEX’s D-Limit, RFQ for Options, a New Derivatives King of the Hill, the Rise of Trend Analytics, and more
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Market Structure Weekly with Larry Tabb: Quant Wishes, Can Broker-Dealers Rise from the Ashes, Unicorn Listings, Dark Side of ETFs & Index Investing, Sen. Kelly Loeffler, London Cyber Fears, More Unintended Reg NMS Consequences, Fractional Share Trading, Repo Exit Strategy, Negative Rates, Equity Market Data Shakeup, a Few Good Coders, Quantum Finance, and IT Accountability
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Quantitative strategies have struggled lately, and AQR Capit...

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