Options Traders Resist Growing ETF, Index Influence

(Russell Rhoads, TABB Group)

A bout of volatility in August pushed average daily options volume above 20 million contracts for the first time since May. Strong volumes continued into September, resulting in the first

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Channel LiquidityMatrix

TABB Group’s LiquidityMatrix provides liquidity and pricing information on US Exchanges, ECNs, Dark Pools and Crossing networks. These reports have been a tremendous asset to the industry, as understanding liquidity both on- and off-exchange is becoming more challenging and complex.

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Driving Outperformance with Derivatives

Driving Outperformance with Derivatives

The options market is often associated with hedging risk or speculating based on a particular market outlook. However, options are also tools that can be used to create defined risk-reward outcomes. TABB Group’s latest report, “Structured Solutions Using Options on Futures,” available below, explores three structured approaches to gaining equity...

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Russell Rhoads’ Look Forward: Structured Outcomes with Options on Futures
Russell Rhoads’ Look Forward: Structured Outcomes with...

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