The Unheralded Market-Structure Innovations Transforming Markets in 2020

(Jason Dibble, Curatia)

Pitched regulatory battles and new exchange launches figured to make 2020 a riveting year on the market-structure landscape. That was before pandemic ructions and trading-floor closures upended the

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Channel LiquidityMatrix

TABB Group’s LiquidityMatrix provides liquidity and pricing information on US Exchanges, ECNs, Dark Pools and Crossing networks. These reports have been a tremendous asset to the industry, as understanding liquidity both on- and off-exchange is becoming more challenging and complex.

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Market Data Myths versus Truths

Market Data Myths versus Truths

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has the best intentions to overhaul market data infrastructure, however what they said versus what they did may contain more myths than truths. Some constituents are aggressively pursuing their own short-sighted agendas. For the sake of the overall goodness of our industry, let’s decipher...

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Market Structure Wave Video Series: The SEC’s SIP Proposal: Cliff Maddox, NovaSparks and Richard Chmiel
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How is the Pandemic Impacting the Securities Industry?
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Machine Learning Hedge Funds
Machine Learning Hedge Funds

“Man vs machine” on Wall Street is a big topic f...

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How the Sell-Side Creates Value from Data

ONLINE - 10:00 AM EDT | OCTOBER 29, 2020


2020 Plato Conversations

ONLINE - 9:00 AM EST | NOVEMBER 10, 2020


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