A Battle for Data Supremacy: The Competitive Landscape for Market Data Vendors and Exchanges

Market data is the lifeblood of financial institutions and lately, increasingly automated trading, growing regulatory requirements on risk and transparency, and the application of machine learning mean data is more important than ever. All participants in this market, whether data consumer, aggregator or producer, face constant challenges around sourcing and pricing data. With exchanges increasingly turning to market data activities to drive revenue growth, and regulatory demands for new and more granular data sources, data consumers are left struggling to contain costs while ensuring quality.

Join us for this complimentary webinar, including a Q&A session, to hear detailed analysis of the competitive landscape for market data from the industry’s leading market research firm, Burton-Taylor International Consulting. The company will explain how user demand is driving change in the global financial market data industry and present findings from its latest research, including vendor market share and growth rates in exchange market data revenues.

  • Monica Summerville, Head of European Research & Senior Analyst, FinTech Research, TABB Group
  • Andy Nybo, Director, Burton-Taylor International Consulting, a division of TP ICAP
  • Douglas B Taylor, Managing Director, Burton-Taylor International Consulting, a division of TP ICAP