The Last Mile of the Digital Transformation Journey

Constant innovation is a double-edged sword. Those completing the last mile of the digital transformation journey know this all too well. Love or hate it, embracing new technology and applications often results in end users becoming the glue between legacy and new.
Join TABB Group and an expert panel from Credit Suisse, Eikos Partners, Glue42 and JP Morgan for discussion on March 20 at 10:00 am ET. During the Q&A, our panel will cover how you can:
  • Maximize employee productivity to delight customers;
  • Integrate and manage legacy applications with next-generation applications;
  • Analyze end-user behavior and optimize user processes.
Traditional integration approaches with a sole focus on the data center are not the answer. Billions of IT dollars have already been poured into various initiatives, yet the enterprise desktop remains complex and is getting worse. Addressing this challenge requires a new approach to integrating desktop applications and simplifying user processes. It needs a digital transition.
Desktops don’t have to suck. Complete your last digital transformation mile with ease Join us for our webinar and ask us your questions.