Voice Goes Electronic: OTC Trading Under MiFID II

This webinar will explore how market conditions and regulatory mandates will combine to drive the electronification of most fixed income derivatives markets. While historically there was a choice between all-to-all order books or voice- and chat-driven OTC trading, a new model is gaining traction among market participants looking to harness new trading infrastructure while still preserving the advantages of the traditional workflow in markets with fragmented liquidity. To this end, MiFID II has become a catalyst for change, presenting not only challenges around compliance but opportunities in the often manual and opaque fixed income markets. The ability to preserve key elements of the OTC trading workflow while leveraging the benefits of electronic price formation could be a key advantage for market participants looking to manage fixed income trading and exposure in the new world. Topics to be covered in this webinar include:

  • The impact of MiFID II pre- and post-trade requirements on existing trading workflows, particularly around price formation;
  • How automation can help firms comply with new and wider best execution requirements under MiFID II and streamline existing work processes;
  • How the front-office workflow will evolve and adapt to the regulatory requirements and the new market environment;
  • The inherent benefits to the financial community of utilizing the selective RFQ model for listed exchange-traded derivatives;
  • Post-MiFID II best practices for trading architecture, data analytics and management needs in the context of fixed income markets; and
  • Improvements in overall market structure benefiting liquidity and the end client.