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What’s on your mind? Have something to say? Say it on TabbFORUM!

TabbFORUM is a forum for thought leadership on important issues affecting the capital markets globally. It’s your voice, and we’re eager to have you contribute. The topic is up to you.

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We’d love you to write a feature article or opinion piece.

Which issues do you think are critical for a specific capital market or capital markets in general? 

Do you think the press is biased on a topic that’s important to you? Or ignores an issue that deserves attention? 

Do you have a dissenting opinion?

Here’s your opportunity to express your views in a forum open to a select group of capital market professionals.

We’d also like to receive:

Research Reports and White Papers
Charts and Data
Announcements and News Releases

It’s a great way to share important information with your peers, and put your name — or your company’s name — in front of top industry professionals.

How to Contribute

We think we’ve made it pretty easy to upload your own content. Just use the FEED THE FORUM form and follow the instructions!

Don’t feel like doing that?

OK, just email us at Attach a Word Document, PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Explain what it is, and we’ll get back to you with any questions. (Note:  If it’s a long research report, or something difficult to reproduce, we’ll be happy to post an executive summary, and link back to your site if you’d like.)

If you’d prefer to talk about the issue in a video, we can do that. A video can be instead of or in addition to a written piece. Just send an email to and we’ll arrange for you to come by our offices.


TabbFORUM will remain true to the same standards that have made the TABB brand so highly respected.  Here are the basic guidelines; the fine print follows:  

Length:  250 to 1,500 words – whatever feels right.

Rules:  No slandering of any individual or company. The primary objective is thought leadership, so please don’t make company or product-specific promotion your main objective. All submissions are subject to review and editing by TABB. TABB reserves the right to remove, archive, or modify work after it is published on the site.

Attribution:  We’d like to use your name and company affiliation. But if you’re not comfortable with that, tell us how you’d like us to attribute your submission. We’ll use a generic identifier or pseudonym, as long as we know you. With respect to company affiliation, we rely on you to obtain any necessary permissions and by submitting work and giving us permission to show a company affiliation, you represent that you have the right to do so.

Copyright:  If you write something for us, you own the copyright. You’ll be giving us the right to publish it on our site as we see fit and providing our users with the right to access and use the material, but you can re-publish it on your own site, or others. For more detail on our copyright policy, please see our terms of use on the website.

Send Us a Brief Bio: We’d like to post your bio along with your submission. So send us a few sentences. Feel free to also send us a photo – any size or format, but the higher resolution is better.

Rules For Submissions

  • Submissions 250 – 1,500 words.
  • The primary objective is thought leadership.
  • Slandering of any individual or company is prohibited.
  • Express marketing or promotion of any company, products or services as a primary focus is prohibited.
  • Submissions may be published for attribution, or with a generic identifier or pseudonym. If an identifier or pseudonym is used, TabbFORUM will not reveal identity.
  • All submissions are subject to review by TabbFORUM and may be rejected if not consistent with rules and/or editorial standards.
  • TabbFORUM will make best efforts to publish promptly but can not guarantee publication if submitted less than five days in advance of requested publication date. TabbFORUM may later remove, modify or archive materials that have been published.
  • Publication on does not constitute explicit or implicit endorsement of any individual or company, or any product or service.
  • Publication on does not constitute explicit or implicit endorsement of the views of the author.
  • and/or TABB Group may not be held liable for content submitted by authors not affiliated with and/or TABB Group; author agrees to hold harmless and/or TABB Group from any claims, losses, liability, judgments and damages arising there from. Further terms for use of TabbFORUM are provided at, and all submitters agree to abide by the terms of use of
  • does not currently accept paid submissions, sponsored submissions or advertorial, but reserves the right to do so in the future.
  • Submissions published on are the copyright property of the author; author grants the right to publish submissions in accordance with the terms set forth above and the terms of use of