Next-Gen Client Experience

Client communications: The stumbling block to next-gen client experience?

Should investment managers look to tech leaders, like Amazon and Facebook, for inspiration on client experience? Over 20 leaders in investment management share their thoughts on what stands in the way of creating a modern client experience that mirrors other industries.
New research, conducted by Aite Group, found that 67% of investment management firms say competitive differentiation is the key driver to invest in digital transformation projects and focus on client experience. Interactive, digital client portals not only improve customer engagement, they can give you a strategic advantage. Behavioral analytics provide insights on what your clients are interested in, so you can tailor advice and products to their individual needs. This simply can’t be gained from traditional PDF reporting. So, what’s standing in the way of creating this optimal client experience? Get the research report to learn:
  • Why existing infrastructure falls short of improving client experience
  • How digital client portals can lead to better client engagement and drive client acquisitions and upsell opportunities
  • Insights from firms at the forefront of digital portal development
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