US Institutional Equity Trading 2019 Technology: Products and Trends

Today, trading firms rely heavily on their growing technology teams to reduce costs and capture alpha. For the buy side, the primary technology initiatives depend mostly on third-party solutions that comprise the modern trader workstation, such as implementing order and execution management systems or TCA platforms. Firms also continue to overhaul their execution algos and are beginning to incorporate algo wheels into their technology stacks. They also are beginning to adopt artificial intelligence into both the investing and trade execution processes. The trend favors the technologists, and it shows no signs of slowing. For TABB Group’s 15th annual Institutional Equity Trading (IET) report, we interviewed heads of trading at 92 buy-side firms in the first and second quarters of 2019. The results will be published in six parts. The final installment, “Technology: Buy-Side Products and Trends,” reviews buy-side preferences for third-party technology products and views on broker algorithms, algo wheels, proprietary algos, AI, and machine learning.
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