Mastering Execution

Achieving best execution in today’s high-speed, fragmented markets is harder than ever before. Navigating lit and dark venues, avoiding predatory and abusive order flow, and complying with transparency demands has made understanding every order’s execution path a matter of survival – for both buy-side firms and their brokers. But few organizations have the tools to properly understand venue and routing quality, and traditional TCA just can’t get the job done. To explore the challenges firms face in demystifying order routing and achieving best execution, TABB Metrics introduces the “Mastering Execution” Spotlight Series, which examines the tools and technologies that can help eliminate leakage, reduce execution costs and boost alpha.

2015 TOP STORIES: Dark Pool Execution Quality: A Quantitative View

Jeff Jeff, GTA Babelfish Analytics,Linda Linda, TABB Metrics,Dave Dave, The Boston Company Asset Management

This article originally was published on August 26, 2015. Following the release of “Flash Boys” in March 2014, the industry debate around the factual veracity of Michael Lewis’s narrative has been...

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