Spotlight Series: The Great HFT Debate

Though the value and fairness of high-frequency trading have been debated among capital markets professionals for years, and HFT occasionally has drawn fire from regulators since the global financial crisis, the controversy recently has been transformed into a very public trial of Wall Street in general, and the battle lines have been clearly drawn. Market participants, market structure experts, regulators and even private investors haven’t been shy about choosing sides. You’ll find the best arguments, opinions and news on both sides of the debate here, in TabbFORUM’s latest Spotlight Series, “The Great HFT Debate.”

Embracing Simplicity: Simple Markets Are More Efficient Markets

Bill Harts, Modern Markets Initiative

Investors deserve simple, uncomplicated markets. Time spent learning about the intricacies of market structure is time that could be better spent searching for undervalued companies to invest in. Yet our...

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