TabbFORUM Industry Guide (TFIG) FAQs

The TabbFORUM Industry Guide (TFIG) represents an elevation of TabbFORUM’s commitment to serving as the industry’s only neutral thought leadership platform. All companies in the industry are invited to create or claim their listings and manage their profiles.

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How do I register on TabbFORUM?
To register on our site, click  HERE.

What is the TabbFORUM Industry Guide (TFIG)?
TFIG is a resource to the TabbFORUM community, intended to offer a platform for companies to connect, discover, and manage their identity on TabbFORUM. Launching with nearly 3,000 companies listed, we invite our entire community to add or claim their companies’ listings and ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is presented to your fellow members.

Who is TFIG for?
TFIG is for all TabbFORUM members: Every capital markets participant; every firm that seeks to connect with capital markets participants; long-established incumbents and startups; investors, vendors, and more. Our goal is to create an inclusive and all-encompassing platform that enriches the overall TabbFORUM experience.

How do I claim my company’s existing TFIG listing?
If you’ve searched TFIG and found your company is already listed, pre-designated contacts at most listed organizations have received an email with an invitation to claim their listing. If you did not receive this email and feel you are the right contact for your organization, please reach out to to initiate the process to claim ownership on behalf of your organization.

How do I add a new listing to TFIG?
Throughout the Guide, you should notice links inviting you to list your company: to the right of the search bar on the Guide homepage, and in the blue footer at the bottom of every page within the Guide. Or simply click here <<Add my listing link>> to initiate the process.

How do I edit my company’s TFIG listing?
Once you have added or claimed your company’s listing, you will have two options for managing the information within the listing. First, directly on the listing page, you will notice a link to Edit the listing. Second, within your individual member profile, you will notice a new section called “My TFIG.” Click this tab to access your listing’s contents.

Why should I participate in TFIG?
TFIG offers all firms in and around the industry the ability to manage your presence on TabbFORUM. All firms, regardless of size or age, can have equal footing, equal discoverability, and equal access to our registered membership of nearly 50,000 decision makers.

How can I participate in TFIG?
TFIG offers three levels for companies to participate:

  • Free profiles enable you to ensure your company is listed in all the appropriate categories.
  • Premium profiles offer a significantly enhanced listing, which includes key products and personnel, a company overview and contact information, and imagery to better engage visitors.
  • Premium Plus profiles include everything in Premium profiles, with the addition of a lead generation component. Premium Plus profile managers will receive visitor and contact form information from TabbFORUM.

Where do I send questions, feedback, or other comments about TFIG?
Please send all inquiries related to the Guide to