David Weisberger

CEO, CoinRoutes

David Weisberger is CEO of CoinRoutes and Head of Crypto for ViableMKTS. He previously was a managing director of Markit’s Trading Services. He oversaw trading analytics products such as measuring best execution, SEC rule 605 and 606 compliance, and Research Signals, which calculates several hundred global equity factors. Prior to joining Markit, Mr. Weisberger had over 29 years of direct experience in electronic equity trading including, most recently, as the Executive Principal for Two Sigma Securities (TSS). TSS is a registered market maker in over 7,000 NMS securities, and Mr. Weisberger was instrumental in building Two Sigma Securities’ various trading businesses. He started his career in technology, as an architect of portfolio trading systems, and progressed to direct responsibility for building Salomon Brothers’ international portfolio trading business. In 2000, he became the global architect of the market making system for Salomon Smith Barney, ran the “Best Execution Committee” for the firm and later ran both the statistical arbitrage group and Citi’s Lava trading subsidiary.

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