2019 TOP VIDEOS: 4 Institutional Requirements for Crypto Trading: Ilya Gorelik, Deltix

This video originally was published on April 30, 2019.

The institutional market for bitcoin is rapidly evolving. But the needs of institutional traders differ from the needs of retail traders, and the cryptocurrency markets initially were unprepared for these requirements, says Ilya Gorelik, CEO, Deltix. Speaking with TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb, Gorelik outlines the four requirements that are key for institutions looking to trade bitcoin – bullet-proof technology, secure custody, provider support and visibility into Price formation – and explains the similarities and differences between trading cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes. All the tools that function in traditional markets – such as algo execution, smart order routing, and TCA – are in demand and relevant to cryptocurrency markets, he asserts. They also discuss Deltix’s recent technology arrangement with TradeStation.

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Interviewer: Larry Tabb

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Crypto, Currencies & Commodities, Equities, Fintech, Regulatory

Topics: Equity trading, FX trading, Market structure: Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs, Market Surveillance/Technology, Other, Risk management, Trading technology infrastructure

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