2016 TOP VIDEOS: A.I. at the Frontier of Markets

This video originally was published on July 19, 2016.

Artificial intelligence is a big data exercise, according to David Aferiat, managing partner, Trade Ideas, who says A.I. leverages machine learning to create a virtual analyst that can provide a real-time information advantage in the markets. Speaking with Terry Roche, principal and head of fintech research, TABB Group, Aferiat discusses the second wave of big data – the ability to automate actions (or inactions) based on the insight derived from the data – the rise of robo-advisers, and the opportunities for traditional asset managers to generate alpha using A.I.


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Interviewer: Terry Roche

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Crypto, Equities, Fintech

Topics: Algorithm, Asset management, Data management, EMS/OMS/Trading system, Equity trading, IT governance/infrastructure, Research and analytics, Risk management, Trading technology infrastructure

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