Crypto Connection Pre-Conference Interview: tZERO’s Solomon Tesfaye

Solomon Tesfaye, VP of Business Development & Capital Markets at tZERO Group, discusses key issues in the digital asset space. tZero is a sponsor and Alan Konevsky, the firm's Chief Legal Officer, will be speaking at the virtual Crypto Connection 2021 conference, June 8 and 9. This year's Annual Crypto Connection is co-hosted by TABB Group and the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association. In this interview, conducted by TABB Group CEO Bruce Morris, Mr. Tesfaye discusses the future of digital securities, which he expects will see huge growth because of  the "early enthusiasm" in the industry. Plus, he talks about the convergence of digital securities and cryptocurrencies. To Register for Crypto Connection 2021 on June 8 and 9, click here.

Interviewer: Bruce Morris, TABB Group

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Crypto, Fintech

Topics: Crypto

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