CTM vs. FIX – The Post-Trade Match of the Century

While the speed of trading has accelerated exponentially over the past two decades, few advances have been made in post-trade technology, says Ignatius John, president, Alpha Omega Financial Systems, who estimates that Omgeo’s Central Trade Matching, or CTM, technology covers about 95% of the global post-trade processing market. But now, he reports, the FIX protocol, which supports 99.5% of trading, is moving beyond trade allocation into trade confirmation, opening new possibilities in the post-trade space. John and TABB Group partner and COO Alex Tabb discuss the benefits of FIX as part of a straight-through processing strategy, including OMS integration, and the challenges to adoption.

Interviewer: Alex Tabb

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Equities, Fintech / Crypto

Topics: Clearing and settlement, IT governance/infrastructure, Risk management, Trading technology infrastructure

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