ETF TV News: Som Seif, Founder & CEO, Purpose Financial Discusses the Bitcoin ETF in Canada

ETF TV News Som Seif, Founder & CEO, Purpose Financial joins Dan Barnes and Deborah Fuhr on #ETFtv to discuss the first Bitcoin ETF listing in Canada, where demand is coming from and if a U.S. listing is likely to follow #PressPlay

There where 14 new listings from 13 issuers on 7 exchanges and 31 new cross listings during the week of Feb 15th

2Bitcoin 2 Commodity 3 equity 7 fixed income/2 ESG 4 Active

Issuers: American Century Investment, BMO Asset Management, China Asset Management, Evolve Funds, First Trust Advisors, Gabelli Funds, Hwabao, Invesco, LGIM, Purpose Investments, UBS ETFs, Wilshire Phoenix, WisdomTree Investments

Exchanges: Cboe, Deutsche Boerse, London Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange

#marketdata by ETFGI #video production by Nuru Rimington-Mkali

Disclaimer: ETF TV is a news update and is intended for informational purposes only. ETF TV does not provide investment advice nor recommend products. #ETF

Source: ETF TV

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