Institutionalizing OTC Crypto Infrastructure: Nitai Bran, TradeBlock

The fragmented global crypto exchange landscape creates challenges around connectivity, reference data, technology standards, regulation and more. This can make it difficult to aggregate liquidity, manage risk and execute in size, says Nitai Bran, CEO, TradeBlock, who notes that institutions often turn to bilateral over-the-counter transactions as a result. Speaking with TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb at TABB’s recent Crypto Connection 2019 conference, Bran discusses the need for institutional-grade OTC crypto infrastructure to provide firms with connectivity and governance. They take a deep dive into crypto market data, price discovery, and TradeBlock’s bitcoin price index, as well as back-office and compliance functionality.

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Interviewer: Larry Tabb

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Crypto, Currencies & Commodities, Fintech, Regulatory

Topics: Compliance, Data management, FX trading, Risk management, Trade Process Analysis, Trading technology infrastructure

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