Maximizing the Value of Alt Data: Warren Breakstone, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Firms increasingly are tapping alternative data to improve investment decisions. But the term “alternative data” is a misnomer, suggests Warren Breakstone, managing director and chief product officer – data management solutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence. Alternative data is in the eye of the beholder, he explains, adding that data sets traditionally used for one use case become alternative for another use case. Speaking with TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb, Breakstone discusses the growing demand for alt data beyond investment management, the challenges of preparing it for analysis, and how firms can maximize its value. According to Breakstone, clients spend five to 10 times more on data after they purchase it.

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Interviewer: Larry Tabb

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Fintech / Crypto, Regulatory

Topics: Data management, Research and analytics, Risk management

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