The Tick Pilot Test Challenge

The two-year Tick Size Pilot kicks off Oct. 3, 2016. Unfortunately, market participants will have to wait a year and half for any results. In today’s age of real-time reporting and analytics, waiting a full 18 months for insight into the pilot’s results is a mystery. Well, together with CMCRC, TabbFORUM plans to provide data-driven insight into the results within just weeks of the pilot’s commencement. TABB Group founder and CEO Larry Tabb and CMCRC CEO Michael Aitken discuss some of the metrics necessary to evaluate the tick size pilot and outline their Tick Pilot Test Challenge, which will leverage the crowdsourced power of the TabbFORUM community. What metrics do you believe are important in determining market quality? Leave your comments below, email us, or send a tweet.


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Interviewer: Larry Tabb

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Equities, Fintech / Crypto, Regulatory

Topics: Data management, Equity trading, Market structure: Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs, Market Surveillance/Technology, Research and analytics, Risk management, Trade Process Analysis, Trading technology infrastructure, Trading volumes, Transaction cost research

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