The Weekly Rant with Larry Tabb: Buy-Side Transaction Reporting Pitfalls, Crypto Market Structure Challenges, and Blockchain Reality

A major component of the post-financial crisis transparency push is an increased focus by global regulators on transaction reporting, on both the buy and sell sides. The problem, says TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb, is that the buy side never before has been required to report, and consequently, firms are not that good at it. In his most recent video editorial, Tabb discusses the complexities of accurate transaction reporting before turning to the rise of malicious trading bots on decentralized crypto exchanges. He looks at the market structure challenges with both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Finally, Tabb reflects on the DTCC’s recent fintech conference and the evolution of blockchain and distributed ledger technology in the capital markets.

Source: TABB TV

Categories: Crypto, Currencies & Commodities, Equities, Fintech, Fixed Income, Regulatory

Topics: Compliance, Data management, FX trading, IT governance/infrastructure, Market structure: Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs, Market Surveillance/Technology, Regulations, Risk management, Swaps

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