The Weekly Rant with Larry Tabb: Speed Bumps, IEX’s D-Limit, and the Order Protection Rule

IEX has a history of innovative order types, and its latest proposal, for the D-Limit order type, has the potential to help clients avoid being picked off in the lit market by faster traders, acknowledges TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb. But D-Limit orders circumvent the IEX speed bump, which could be problematic, he adds. In this week’s video editorial, Tabb discusses the potential unfair advantage created by the D-Limit order type when combined with IEX’s speed bump as well as the challenges created by the Order Protection Rule and price-time priority.

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Source: TABB TV

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Topics: Equity trading, IT governance/infrastructure, Market structure: Exchanges, ATSs, ECNs, Market Surveillance/Technology, Trade Process Analysis, Trading technology infrastructure

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