US Fixed Income ETFs – The First-Mover Advantage: TABB Research

The US fixed income ETF market has about $700 billion in assets under management. But, as a relatively new marketplace, there are first-mover advantages, and the market is concentrated at the fund level, reports George Bollenbacher, TABB Group head of fixed income research. The top 10 funds in the market hold about 46% of AuM, and the top 5 hold about 23%. The concentration is even more startling at the manager level: The No. 1 asset manager, BlackRock, holds about 46% of AuM, and, along with Vanguard and SSGA, the top 3 hold about 75% of AuM. In a sneak peek at his latest research report, “Examining the Fixed Income ETF Market,” Bollenbacher shares the high-level findings of his analysis of the more than 350 FI ETFs in existence, including the substantial flow of funds, performance swings, and more, and draws some conclusions about the evolution of the ETF market and its impact on the underlying bond markets.

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Source: TABB TV

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