Enhanced Bankers for Greater Profitability

Complimentary Webinar

Banker workflow continues to evolve to be supported by technology, and all bankers need to embrace the next generation of Artificial Intelligence to gain greater profitability. We now see bankers augmented through the harvesting of unstructured data – such as data found within Customer Relationship Management systems, news feeds, e-communications, price data and more – married to AI to identify patterns, gain insight and drive action. Finding and acting on opportunities buried within data is the key to the success of the banker of today and tomorrow. This webinar outlines the state of the marriage of bankers, data and AI.  

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Terry Roche, Principal, Head of Business Development and FinTech Research, TABB Group

Alex Delin, Head of Product Management, Squirro

Tom Krause, Director of North America, Squirro

Maartje Bus, Head of Capital Markets, Thomson Reuters

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