Investor Transparency – Data Digitalization Is the Key

Complimentary Webinar

It has been said that data is the lifeblood of capital markets. Digitalization is simply the process of converting that data into a digital format that can be used by machines. Clients and regulators now demand complete transparency, and digitalization of your data is the means to provide that transparency. As firms take on digital transformation, creating a digital Investment Book of Record adds value beyond internal processes – it may be the key to servicing the needs of clients in the dynamic and interactive manner necessary to differentiate your business.   Join us for this complimentary webinar to hear experts from TABB Group and SimCorp discuss: What it takes to create a digital IBOR. Extending the uses of IBOR data. The impact the IBOR has in supporting a dynamic customer experience, regulatory transparency, and automation.


Terry Roche, Principal, Head of Business Development and FinTech Research, TABB Group

James Carter, Director, Product Management, SimCorp


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